Anyone can blow their own trumpet – don’t believe us please read what our customers have to say about Buy a Photo Booth…

“We bought our first photo booth in October 2015 from Buy A Photo Booth. Before we made the trip down to meet Andy and view the booth he was more than helpful with all the questions we had. His quick, informative replies helped us put our business plan together and reassured us that we were buying from a knowledgeable business that clearly has experience with the equipment they’re selling-a must in my book! We were blown away when it came to seeing the booth for the first time and were astounded at the quality of photos it produced. After getting the booth home and having a few teething problems due to our own lack of knowledge at the time.

Andy was available any time of day to answer any questions or queries we had and soon had us back on the right track and filling us with confidence. Since then Andy has been more than helpful to us and has played a vital role in our business running smoothly. Whether it’s been giving us names of the best suppliers, answering our calls at all hours (even whilst on holiday!) or helping us out last minute. He has made us feel like our business is as important to him as it is to us which is why we didn’t hesitate to return and buy a second booth from him. Running VIP Photo Booth has transformed our lives. It’s given us another successful business to add to our portfolio and has given us the lifestyle we’ve been aiming for.”

Rachael Williams Owner – VIP Photo Booth


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